Group Scheme Administration System (GSAS)

Sesalos and Longlife partnered together to develop a software package to meet the needs of a growing Group Scheme within the Insurance Industry. The final result culminated in a software programme that was built on the Unisite Business Suite which attended to growing administration and scalability concerns.

The final package is the 'Group Scheme Administration System' (GSAS). GSAS integrates a number of Unisite Suites to provide increasing value to Group Scheme Manager who decided to use the software to administer their Group Scheme.

Long Life Group Scheme Admin System

The invoicing and communications suites were combined to manage the large volume of monthly invoices that need to be generated. GSAS is able to recreate new invoices each month on a preset date for a preset amount and email it directly to the intended recipient. This value has raised the eyebrows of many group schemes as they are required to recreate thousands of invoices every month.

The Web Suite itself has provided each scheme that signed up with a FREE website with a Content Management System. GSAS is housed online and therefore a simple extension to provide the Group Scheme with a web presence adds great value to the GSAS software.

The most useful part of GSAS which has added the greatest value to Group Scheme has been the integration of the Sales Suite Commission Tracking System. This system manages the complex insurance commission structures and provide live updates to the Group Scheme Managers on how their cash flow is looking. The commission tracking system handles the commission assignment of up to four parties per single deal.

Finally the Unisite Business Suite provides GSAS with dashboard views and custom reports that makes financial and sales reporting easy.

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