Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The online business industry in South Africa is growing at a rapid rate. Top business executives are using the internet as a primary research tool and small business owners are finding scalable business opportunities by using the internet effectively as a new business tool.

The growth of the internet is primarily attributed to the decreasing costs in bandwidth. However, with further growth opportunities on the horizon concerning the internet, it has become abundantly clear that the internet in South Africa is fast becoming a necessity to sustainable business growth.

Durban Chamber of Commerce and Inustry

The Durban Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce that in September 2008, the upgraded Chamber website will be launched, with a particular focus on making the website more user-friendly and informative.

The website is an extension of the Durban Chamber and therefore serves small, medium and large enterprises across all sectors of business in the greater Durban area; offering profitable networking opportunities locally, nationally and internationally extending the reach and influence of business in Durban. The website is not simply a brochure that outlines the Chamber service offerings but has now become an effective channel to interact with various aspects and departments in Chamber network.

A great example relates to the Committees that run within the Chamber. Chamber committees have the task and responsibility of lobbying government on behalf of business in Durban. Using the Chamber website allows you to interact with the committees. You can view meeting schedules, agendas and minutes of all committees. More importantly, you are able to submit issues that you would like to have raised and actioned by the committees.

One of the most exciting opportunities that was designed for the website is the 'Member to Member Quotelink.' The Member to Member Quotelink is a resource available to members of the Durban Chamber. This resource makes quote requesting an easy and efficient task. Essentially you are able to send one quote request to an entire industry of professionals which saves you substantial time in requesting quotes for your outsourcing needs. Harness the power of the Durban Chamber Networking through the Durban Chamber Member to Member Quotelink and save yourself valuable time and energy.

All the functionality used by the Durban Chamber of Commerce is part of the Unisite Business Suite. Therefore the Durban Chamber will experience constant updates on all their purchased software which is a standard practice for all Unisite Business Suite clients.

What makes this website different to most 'systems rich' website though is that it has a specific focus on meeting and interacting with its audience. This is done through a strategic content plan that guides website users through the vast array of the Durban Chamber services and products. The Durban Chamber made special use of the consulting service that comes alongside the Unisite Business Suite to ensure that their website was attractive to both a human audience and a search engine audience.

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